BDF Deployment injects some revenue to broke Air Botswana

The deployment of Botswana Defence Force troops to Mozambique has injected some revenue to financial troubled Air Botswana.


The state owned airline is still battling the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 pandemic which muted travel and halted tourism.

But the airline was already in trouble even before COVID-19 registering losses year in year out to a point it was even irked for privatisation.

Sending 296 troops to Mozambique embattled region of Carbo Delgado this morning President Masisi applauded Ministry of Defense Justice and Security’s decision to engage Air Botswana.

“Notwithstanding the foregoing, my Government through the Reset Initiative is working tirelessly to reinvigorate the local economy and will be sourcing some of the services for the mission locally” he said

The President explained that the use of Air Botswana an illustration of this commitment, to ensure the survival of hard hit sectors of our economy and their value chains.

“The airline industry and its sister sector of tourism are such economic sectors that need to be revived. I am thus heartened by these initiatives by your ministry to focus on these even as we deploy externally”

President Masisi revealed that the mission sustainment will be undertaken on a cost sharing basis between the SADC Secretariat and Personnel Contributing Countries.

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