Beke le beke Cash-in-transit hiests!

In just a space of weeks 4 cash in transit heists have been reported in what seeems like a highly coordinated enterprise to get away with chucks of cash illegally.


On the 6th of August over P8 million was allegedly taken away at gun point by robbers who attacked a G4S Security Van in Block 6 Gaborone, The car was delivering cash to an ATM in Red dot Shopping complex.

Inthe last week of August a Security Services cash in transit van was also reportedly robbed  by gun men in Game City Gaborone.

Last week, (5 days ago) a G4S Security Van carrying cash was also robbed by gunmen.

The incident was caught on camera by distant onlookers and posted on Facebook.

Today another G4S Security cash-in- transit Van was  confronted by armed robbers in Middlestar Mall Gaborone where the gun men went away with loads of cash.

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