Healy clash with VP Tsogwane over creative industry.

“VP I want to start by strongly disagreeing with you, when you say that ‘the creative sector in Botswana is fairly new’ I will tell you; there are many Batswana who have a lot of experience nkago fa a few examples, DJ Fresh (Thato Sikwane) he is one of South Africa’s most rated DJ’s, he has been in that industry for more than 20years.


The Ferguson’s, (Connie and Shona) they have been in that industry for maybe 50 years combined…Rre John Selolwane was part of Paul Simon’s tour, it was a worldwide tour…

so Batswana ba bantsi VP ba eleng gore they have a lot of experience, nna I was privileged, I think in 1988 to be in a flight with Rre Stampore on the way to Paris, I think he was going to perform in London…so you can see gore this thing ya gore gagona experience, tota it does not fly but I want to say VP kagore o simolotse hela ka go bua gore no research has been done, so my question is what informed that position eleng gore le heletse lele mo yone.

Ka gore clearly it wasn’t based on any research that have been done prior? And then VP, you mentioned gore over 10years ko BTV go spendilwe around 93million, kana goraya gore if you break it down, you are talking 9million a year, so you find this sufficient to really capacitate this industry, knowing its possibility as and employment creator, cultural export, heritage document proces.

Do you you find 9million annually to be enough money to really cultivate the industry gore e kgone gonna competitive and gore e kgone gonna of international standard that we are talking of, such that we do not need to bring Steve Harvey here! Steve Harvey hela ale ko America should know about content that’s coming out of Botswana because we as government are helping to finance that content” – Member of Parliament for Gaborone Central Tumisang Healy

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