Lucara Pumps P1.2 Million into CSI Farming Project

The Assistant Minister of Agricultural Development & Food Security Hon. Beauty Manake has commended the agriculture project that Lucara mine established for the Mokubilo community as a sustainable corporate social investment that will change peoples lives and address the pressing challenge of malnutrition.


Speaking on a tour of the agriculture project on Thursday, Hon. Manake said it was aligned with the United National Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as it would ensure that children from Mokubilo are well fed so they grow to become productive leaders of tomorrow.

“Botswanas children are its future human capital. Their well-being will determine our future competitiveness and prosperity, said Hon. Manake.

Lucara initially spent P1.2 million to put up shade nets, solar panels, boreholes, chicken sheds and a 98 000 litre storage tank. The project currently employs seven people, six of whom are from Mokubilo. Phase two of the project entailed purchase of more solar panels to increase borehole throughput as well as construction of more chicken blocks and shade nets.

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