Masisi ordered the arrest of my brothers – Khama

“On behalf of my brothers, still illegally detained, denied access to Lawyers and subjected to sleep deprivation-which is a form of torture, on the orders from our dictator and his DIS goons, I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart the overwhelming messages and calls of support for my family from across the country and many sectors; private, government, security agencies, political parties including the BDP, the diplomatic corps and from many outside the country in the region and overseas, who have all expressed their horror and strong condemnation at yet another blatant act of illegality, vindictiveness and abuse of power by the regime.


This latest episode in our rapid downward journey under Masisi came about as my brother, Tshekedi Khama’s position as the Secretary General of the Botswana Patriotic Front has been an attraction for retaliation by the despot. I want to reveal that about three weeks ago he told me he had been approached by a cava cabinet minister and a former minister, sent by Masisi to ask him to come back to the BDP. This was brought about by the recent humiliating losses in bye-elections with the intention of attempting to improve their chances before the general elections. I too have had similar approaches but not from the same people and not sent by the desperado.

He then told them he had no intention of going back to help a sinking ship and its wayward captain and for what it had become in the eyes of most Batswana, a corrupt self-serving excuse for a party that cares nothing for the people of our country. He told me he thought they were joking when one of the two who he met on separate occasions said that Masisi would not take kindly to his rejection and that there could be consequences for him and family. These are now evident.

When I came back from Zambia a few weeks ago after visiting, at the invitation of the now Late President Banda, May his Soul Rest in Peaceful, and the courtesy call I had with His Excellency President Hichilema, a statement to that effect was issued. The fake post put out by the DIS using one of their pseudo pages, purported that I was suffering from depression and had to be seen by doctors and hospitalized. I am sure you remember that. They were once again instructed to do that as a way to smear my name after a successful visit to that country.

When I was in Zambia just two days ago to attend the funeral of the Late Former President, I was told by someone from Botswana who was there, to expect a backlash again from Masisi after the coverage of my attendance came out. Thus what we today witness in our banana republic is a manifestation of a situation brought about by two people who have been accurately described unstable in recent Facebook posts, Masisi and Magosi.

Seleka Springs which is not a family business has been the subject of false allegations and attempts to link me to it since my days in the BDF. The first head of the DCEC a British gentleman called Graham Stockwell informed me about the perceptions and investigation they had done and found nothing. This continued now 23 years after I left the BDF until recently DCEC announced, much to the annoyance and irritation of Masisi, that they had no evidence to charge anyone. AGAIN. Thus the announcement coincidentally coming around the same time as my brothers rejection of attempts to lure him back to the mismanaged BDP and coupled with my trip, has resulted in this vindictive and illegal detention of him TK, his wife Thea and my brother Tony.

I wish to assure you all that these ongoing illegal, intolerant and vindictive actions only serve to motivate us and many others even more. I will never rest whilst I have a breath of life in me which they have tried to cut off, from returning our nation to a democracy and making our people once more proud of their country, and to remove us from the clutches of tyranny.
#RescueBotswana(RB) ”

– Writes Former President Ian Khama

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