MPs caution against wasteful expenditure as P2.7 billion IBRD loan pass

On Thursday Parliament unanimously  passed Minister Serame ‘s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) borrowing motion giving government a go ahead to put a pen to the P2.7 billion laon from the World Bank Group with all Mps including those inthe opposition voting in agreement.


However some Members of Parliament expressed reservations about the loan. Member of Parliament for Molepolole North Oabile Regoeng said government ought to have been clear on what exactly the money is being borrowed for.

” We have to be told clearly what we are borrowing the money for, we need to borrow for developmental projects not consumption” he said.

Member of Parliament for Bobonong Taolo Lucas urged government to ensure that the funds borrowed should be used to benefit all Batswana.

” We can’t just borrow money for a porous government expenditure, corruption and dubious procurement practices will wipe out this money before it even reports in our government account”

Taolo Lucas further urged Government to deal decisively with corruption to ensure that government funds are used appropriately to benefit all  Batswana and significantly reduce the income & wealth inequality.


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