New policy tasks Vice President with coordination of Job creation efforts

The new National Employment policy tabled before parliament yesterday by Minister of Finance & Economic Development tasks the Office of Vice President with coordination and ensuring serious and satisfactory output from government job creation efforts.


The new policy intends to have reduced employment rate in Botswana to a single digit by 2030, 6 years before Botswana arrives in 2036 where the country has set ambitious targets to be a high income economy.

To achieve this Minister Serame said government recognises the need for establishing an effective implementation and coordination mechanism for the Policy; a specific monitoring and evaluation framework; as well as evaluation of employment programmes and services on an ongoing basis.

The coordination and implementation mechanism for the Policy proposes that supervision be at a high level, specifically, the office of the Vice President.

The Ministry of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development will have the role of coordinating implementation of the Policy

Minister Peggy Serame further explained that Minister Balopi ‘s ministry will be expected to put in place, a comprehensive accountability system for the policy, encompassing, among others, an Implementation plan with a set of sectoral employment targets and outcomes to be achieved, as well as specific labour force related indicators to measure progress towards the set targets.

Regular reports on progress and remedial action needed will be produced and policy evaluation undertaken at least every five years to assess the impact of initiatives and programmes on employment, and to nsure alignment with new developments.

Minister Serame noted that the successful implementation of the policy will depend on various factors such as availability of financial and human resources, participation of the private sector as a key actor in job creation, and effective coordination and monitoring of the Policy.

A short term action plan to operationalise the Policy, has been developed and is attached to the Policy.

This will be implemented within the first six (6) months following approval of the policy, while the longer term action plan will assess and detail out specific actions and full scope of resources needed to implement the policy, ministries are expected to budget for implementation of the policy initiatives.

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