Water Utilities Corporation engages debt collectors to gather P1.1 Billion from defaulting customers

>Over P700 million owed by the public/domestic users


> Over P400 million owed by organisations & commercial users.

Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) says it has engaged serious debt collectors to go after people and companies owing the corporation over P1.1 billion.The Corporation management says over P700 million is owed by the public or domestic users while the remaining P400 million is owed by companies and organisations.

Lebone Sedingwe a Revenue Executive at Water Utilities says it is high time now the corporation engages debt collectors because its owed alot of money which is negatively affecting its delivery of services.WUC says some customers have come to its revenue office to negotiate payment plan but thereafter they never stick to it.”it is under this backdrop that we have seen its only best we engage those with skills to collect this debt on our behalf”

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