Work underway to liberalize power distribution & bring in other players

Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology & Energy Security is currently finding ways to liberise the power supply function from Botswana Power Corporation and open it up to other players.


Speaking at the Parliament Public Accounts Committee (PAC) last week, Deputy Permanent Secretary inthe Ministry, in Charge of Green Technology & Energy Secretary Nchene Mothebe said Power Generation is already unbundled as Independent Power Producers have already been offered licences by Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA) to produce power and sell to Government.

Mothebe however said Transmission will remain a state owned operation ” Transmission is a low profit margin business, worldwide it remains a state owned function, so that will remain with BPC” The Deputy PS explained that studies are underway by the Ministry and Botswana Energy Security to see if power distribution can’t be opened up to different industry players. “The ammended electricity supply act of 2007 opens up to this discussions and we are currently looking at how we can introduce other distributors rather than just being Botswana Power Corporation” he said

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